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tower4.jpgWell come to my first home page! It will always be under construction and up dated as often as possible. My wife and I own the Lady Queene Car Wash and Midwest Radio Systems Inc. both located in Bismarck Missouri and Bell Communications Tower on Simm's Mountain in Saint Francois County Missouri. I am an Amateur Radio operator (KA0CUU) from December 1978 and a Commercial technician from 1983. I have been working in the two-way radio field 18 years.

Maps of where the tower is in Saint Francois County

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Interests and Hobbies

Ham Radio

This is a very wide hobby and has many things to do. For me it is building projects and working on a Vhf (two meter) repeater for the Eastern Ozarks Amateur Club. I also have been in to the High frequency bands (1.8 to 30 MHz) and Amateur TV (430 MHz)

Road Bicycling

I like to ride my 14 speed Paramount road bike any time the temperature is above 50 degrees and prefer 90 to 100 when I am in shape. I like to ride anywhere between 20 and 50 miles in a ride. I hope one day to do a century and do it under 7 hours. I have put on over 12.500 mile in the last 10 years on this bike and 2000 miles on my old huffy. I generally ride around Bismarck, but have gone to the KATY Trail by the Missouri River and road from St. Charles Down to Marthasville. It is a great hobby and lots of fun. It also takes a lot of time, but it is worth it in the way it makes you feel and how much energy you have after you ride.

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Pictures of Down Town Page

Pictures of St. Louis

 Taken around the end of February, 1997 from atop of the Civil Courts Building.

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Hot List

My Favorite Sites

·         NASA's Spacelink

·         Mapquest

·         USAF Museum at Dayton Oh.

·         Internet Paging

·         Sound Blaster

·         Edmond Scientific

·         Karroke Bar

·         Lucent Tech

·         Sky and Telescope

·         Space Telescope Science Institute Home Page

·         Telescope maker's resource list

·         The Web Publisher

·         Windows 95 Central Home Page

·         Cyber Cards

·         Aircraft Images

·         Coca Cola Collectibles on line

·         Epson America

·         FF System Repeater Controllers

·         Mark and Terri's Home page

·         NHTSA Highway Traffic Safety Admin.

·         Percon Frequency Database Search

·         RealAudio Home page

·         Current US Weather Maps

·         FCC Wireless Home Page

·         The Discover Channel Online

·         Mars Global Surveyor

·         Hawaiian Eye Camera

·         Skyvision

·         The Best Weather Page!

·         The Electronic Newsstand

·         The Visble Human Project

·         The Tiger Map Server

·         Powwow's Home Page

·         Scifi Channel's Page

·         Do You Know What Time It Is?

·         Look up Callsigns

·         AT&T Home Page

·         Oulu Space Physics Textbook

·         World Wide Web Pager

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Hale-Bopp Comet Pictures Page

Pictures of Hale-Bopp

 Taken on March 29, 1997 from Simm's Mountain around 7 to 8 o'clock central standard time.

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I love getting E-Mail! Please let me know what you think about my home page; constructive criticism is welcome!

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